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  150 Years saddler


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Sayra Armenta is nowadays an outstanding and modern firm within the sector of leather craftsmanship, a 150 years old company which owns the wiseness and experience of five leather craftsmen generations and has succedded in adapting that legacy to modern times.
empresa1.jpg (3826 bytes) The great expansion of Sayra Armenta began in 1987 when the company decided to improve and expand by achieving three aims. First, in order to produce the highest quality products, the most advanced technology was applied to work together with traditional craftsmnship techniques. Secondly, the company, which up to then had only made leather items related to horses, started to produce shoes as well as hunting and fashion accessories. Finally, the target was focused at making customers enjoy the best post-sale service, with absolute warranty and speed on repairs.

Going ahead with that entrepeneurial and innovative spirit, a new subsidiary firm was born in 1996, Curtidos Sayra, aiming at becoming a suitable place for little leather craftsmen to find all kind of materials and tools needed to produce leather goods.

The facts above show how tradition and innovation have got together at Sayra Armenta to produce unique leather creations and to offer the best customer service. empresa2.jpg (4110 bytes)

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Following out endless aim of making Sayra Armenta become an outstanding, competitive and modern company, we now move a step ahead by introducing our new catalogue.

guarnicionero.JPG (2301 bytes) By means of it you will know samples of the different kinds of leather items that we produce, related to the world of horses and hunting, as well as fashion accessories. You will also see a wide range of materials and tools which little leather craftsmen can find at Curtidos Sayra.


Always keeping in mind that you are a most important part of our company, allow us to remind you that we are at your service..

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Polígono "El Limero", 6G
Teléf: 954 834 242
Fax: 954 833 702
Apartado de Correos, 48
41.400 ECIJA (Sevilla)-Spain
e-mail :info@sayra-armenta.com